Hey Mamas – You Don’t Suck.


Hey girl, You don’t suck

You are sitting there feeling like you are somehow inadequate and that you don’t measure up to the girl next door. But you don’t. You are not ever going to be able to be compared to her, because you are not her.
And you don’t suck.

You don’t suck if you wash the same load of clothes 3 times because you are so exhausted you forget if they are clean or not.

You are not a failure if you are not “in the mood” every night of the week.
You don’t suck if you have to microwave your cup of coffee three times in order to finish it because you are finishing 30 other task. Better yet, you don’t suck if you know good and dang well you’ve got coffee at home but you get in that Starbucks line instead.
You don’t suck if you do a holiday craft every single night of December and you don’t suck if you struggle to get any presents to the tree by December 25.

You don’t suck if you tell your spouse you need to run important errands but you actually are walking the aisles of Target sniffing candles.

You don’t suck if you stay home with your kids and you aren’t a failure if you choose to have a career and to have kids
You still are a kick ass mom if your kids get screen time and you are still a kick ass mom if your kids don’t even know what a tablet is.
You don’t suck when your kid decides to throw a hulk hogan size tantrum in the middle of Publix when you have a cart full of groceries and you don’t suck if you buy them a bag of powdered doughnuts so you can actually finish your shopping list.

You don’t suck if you get up and take lexapro everyday and you don’t suck if you go through life without a prescription.

You don’t suck if you tell your kid the legos are “broke” because you are tired and don’t feel like walking through the fire of death at 6 am with Legos spiking through the bottom of your feet.
And you don’t suck if you build the highest dang tower of legos with your kid.
You don’t suck if your kid lives off of Tyson chicken nuggets and you don’t suck if your kid eats every layer of the food pyramid.

You are not a crappy mom if you let your kid sleep in the bed with you and you don’t suck if your kid is in their own bed asleep by 8 pm.

Just became your parenting looks different than someone else doesn’t mean you suck and just because you do things different than them doesn’t mean you parent and/or do life better.
It means we are making it. It means we are living the way our individual families were meant to be.
Nothing is more important than your family and it will always and forever look different than the family next door.
I beg you this holiday season to not let the influence of social media make you feel that you suck. Cause hey girl, you don’t suck 
Oh yeah, and you don’t suck if you let your kids wear your leopard shoes so they will eat dinner!
This post originally appeared on the author’s facebook page


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