Jason Momoa’s Scrunchie Skills Test Is Just The Mindless Fun We Need Right Now


Times are tough right now, & we’re all feeling it. Cabin fever has been creeping in, and many of us have taken to finding enjoyment in things we never thought we’d fall prey to…

We’re talking about things like Netflix’s Tiger King docu-series (Seriously. What is going ON with the tiger people?!) And as for asking “Are you still watching”, Netflix- really? REALLY?? Of course I’m watching. We all are.


And since desperate times call for desperate measures, I also mean TikTok. Yup, TikTok, the uber-popular app that teens are addicted to; the app that makes them do all sorts of odd things in the name of the latest “challenge”. The app that used to be mainly for tweens & teens… until now. 

I’ve already learned most of Renegade dance challenge, & keep begging my kids to perform the Blinding Lights dance challenge with me (they have yet to accept my enthusiastic invitation: “Mom… Stooooop!!”). The boredom of quarantine has driven us Gen X parents to the app in record number, and we LOVE IT.

Speaking of fluffy internet entertainment, a new video is attracting lots of attention (emphasis on attraction, because, well, JASON MOMOA) because its 3:05 minutes of blissful, adorable, non-corona-related fun.

Jason Momoa was tasked with a “scrunchie challenge” during a photo shoot with Esquire magazine. Since he often wears a scrunchie around his wrist in photos, his ability to actually use one in his hair was put to the test.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

First of all, it didn’t take much to draw my interest -or that of countless other women across the country- to this challenge, because you had us at JASON MOMOA.

The folks at Esquire challenged Momoa to recreate several common scrunchie-sporting hairstyles. Of course, being Jason Momoa, he SLAYED IT.

Granted, they started him off easy. The first hairstyle to navigate was:

The High Pony

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

Now while a High Pony is a quick grab, smooth, & scrunchie-twist, we all know the potential pitfall of this technique: the BUMPS.

How many times have you attempted to sport a High Pony, only to spot an unsightly bump of hair that forced you to unwind your scrunchie & begin again (only to find another bump lurking)??

While Jason isn’t immune to a bump-breakout, when you look at the finished product, trust me: you won’t be focusing on any hair bumps. I mean, those eyes! Bumps? What bumps?

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

The Side Pony

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

A popular follicular favorite of the 80’s, the side pony requires some smooth moves… and if anyone has smooth moves, it’s Jason Momoa.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

It’s cute. It’s… sexy? Is it even ok for a side pony to look sexy? Dammit, Jason, you’ve got us all hot, bothered, and confused.

Half Up, Half Down

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

As he grasped his hair, he described his first move:

Ponytail…. like a Japanese samurai.

(As this point, it was less of a hair challenge video, & more of a seduction scene in one of those harlequin romance novels. Tell us more about your samurai sword, Master Momoa!)

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

Just another reason to admire this man: the some up, some down hairstyle was my “go-to” hairstyle in grades 8-10. Nearly three years of wearing it daily, & I STILL couldn’t pull it off as well as Jason did in mere seconds. *sigh*

Top Bun

We’re all well-versed in the top bun, since it tends to be a favorite of moms everywhere. It’s quick, it’s practical, and on Jason Momoa it’s hot as HELL.


Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

Jason, while gathering his hair in hand:

This is my favorite.

Ours too, Jason. Ours too.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)


Two Ponies

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

As Jason points out, this is a style he’s very familiar with:

This was one of my favorites when I was younger.

(Is it just me, or do you assume that Jason was never young & vulnerable, but sprang fully-grown from the head of Zeus like an immortal god sculpted in marble? Just me????)

The end result? 

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

All I can say is there aren’t many man who could still look virile while sporting twin ponies, but Jason’s our dude!

Princess Leia Space Buns

This is not the easiest hairstyle to maneuver well, but Jason’s above us average mortals:

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

I mean, I’ve never been jealous of a scrunchie…. ’til now.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

Space buns are usually perky, cute, and fun. Jason Momoa manages to bring space buns to a whole ‘nother level. What that level IS I can’t quite articulate, but he still somehow nails it.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

When asked what his “go-to” scrunchie hairstyle is, Jason Momoa stated that it’s a good old bun. He then demonstrated how quickly those illustrious fingers could pull one together.

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Facebook)

His final comment:

Boys love hair in a bun. 


*turns sultry eyes to camera*

What do YOU think?

We LOVE it, Jason. Every.Damn.Second. of it.

While we certainly appreciate Jason’s illustrious long locks, his humor is also considered priceless- especially in the midst of our currently grim times. 

Watching Jason Momoa do something self-deprecating, fun, & silly is just what we need right now. Based on the fact that Jason’s video already earned 148K likes and 129K shares, it’s obvious that it’s appreciated for far more than just the scrunchie.

(Though truth be told- just like the rest of him, his scrunchie-skills are clearly magnificent!)

Jason Momoa Scrunchie Challenge

Jason Momoa Scrunchie Challenge ??Something bout him just makes me feel good inside.

Posted by Jason Momoa on Sunday, March 22, 2020


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