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Memorial Day is about remembrance – pausing to remember the countless men and women who gave their lives while protecting our freedoms. For many, it’s also a day to pay tribute to lost love ones, whether military or not. With Memorial Day around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to put a spin on our Ladies Only Blog Share link party. This week’s theme is “Remember When”. We encourage you to dig through your archives and find an older post that you are particularly proud of or one that you think might brighten someone’s day. Please do not post new work. We want to see all those oldies, but goodies!

Several of my fellow blogging buds are back to co-host with me (woo hoo!), along with two new faces (Welcome Tamara and Janet!). They are:

Michelle from:


Angela from:

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Tamara from:

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Janet from:

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Make sure to bookmark or RSS feed their blogs and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and so on. They faithfully return the favor! In addition to the link share, three very special bloggers are also being featured. This week they are (in no particular order):

RX Fitness Lady – If there is one person who has motivated me to eat healthier, it’s Joi of Rx Fitness Lady. I love her blog because it’s not about killing yourself to get fit or having to prepare fancy meals in order to feel better – it’s simplicity in good choices. One of my favorite Remember When posts from her is from December of 2012, “Make Fitness Buddies; Increase the Success of Your Workout.” For me, I need that motivation of someone cheering me on or looking over my shoulder. So this post totally resonates! Thanks Joi for setting such a great health example!

Martinis and Minivans – Danielle of Martinis and Minivans makes me holla! She is one funny lady with an incredible knack for telling a story through written word. The most recent winner of Blogger Idol, Danielle’s posts really hit home. Featured in The Huffington Post numerous times, check this older post that made me tear up (my grandmother meant the world to me) “Things I Learned From My Grandmother.” Danielle – You’re an amazing woman and a phenomenal blogger!

Rubber Chicken Madness – One overworked, overwrought mother, two active boys, a neurotic dog and a rubber chicken. This is the life of Kimberly of Rubber Chicken Madness. And we love you for it! With posts that cover everything from parenting to going green, Rubber Chicken Madness has something for just about everyone. One of my favorite older posts, “If you love them, let them go.” I think we’ll hang on to you, Kimberly. You’re a keeper.

Let’s get started! Have fun and visit the links below. We ask that you try to visit at least three. Remember to leave a thoughtful comment on the new blogs you’ve discovered and let them know you’re visiting from the Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party! Feel free to pin your blog post to the Ladies Only Blog Share Pinterest board, too! In the URL field, place the link to your post. The name field should contain the title of your post. And if you’d like to co-host a future link party, give me a shout at mommifried @ (no spaces).


We recently added a fun optional way to share and grow your community and meet some new people! On Friday, we’ll have a comment chain on Michelle’s Facebook page specifically for our Remember When posts. You can post your link in the comments. The rules are if you choose to post here, you need to comment on the two blog posts directly ahead of you. That way each person is assured of two comments, and hopefully they are meeting someone new at the same time! Feel free to comment on others if you’d like but make sure you do comment on those directly above you. The person who is first on the comment chain can choose to comment on anyone in the comment chain! On Saturday, MommiFried will host the comment chain, and WriterMom’s Blog on Sunday.

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