Let Go of the Mom Guilt


Being a mom is tough. Sometimes I think we harbor so much guilt as moms for the things that we can’t get done during the day or the things that WE FORGOT, and I’m here to let you all know it’s cool. Let go of that guilt! You do not have to hold guilt for these things.

I promise you, you do not have to feel guilty that it is 7 o’clock and you haven’t gotten to dinner yet. Go ahead let your kids have some cereal. It’s fine, throw an Eggo in the toaster, they’re going to be okay.

Do not hold guilt for forgetting to switch so LAUNDRY for the 800th time that day. You run a lot of loads of laundry, you’re bound to forget now and again.

Do not feel guilty for the occasional yell. I’M A YELLER! Do not feel guilty when you’ve asked your child for the 37th times to tie their shoes, because they have yet to do. They are still standing in front of you naked, with no shoes on. You might need to yell a little bit. Do not feel guilty about that!

Do not feel guilty about being the last parent at parent pick up. Sometimes things come up. It happens. Sometimes you can’t get there, you can’t be first all the time. It’s just part of life. We’re so busy. We have so many things going on. Do not harbor mom guilt over these things.

Do not feel guilty about missing soccer practice or a dance recital. It happens, things come up. Do not feel guilty about the way you leave the house in the morning to drop your kids off. If you haven’t brushed your hair or haven’t brushed your teeth.

so what

it’s going to be just fine

your kids will survive

you will survive

Do not feel guilty about your minivan looking like you could live in it for a week after a zombie apocalypse. It’s alright, do not harbor guilt mom’s because our job is hard enough as it is. We do not have to feel sorry about everything. Do not feel sorry about the job that you are doing because the job you are doing is tough. The job that you are doing requires a lot of strength, it requires a lot of energy, and you are doing a great job! Do not harbor guilt over things, because in the long run they don’t matter!

I promise you! Do not shame yourself. Relax, take a deep breath and let go of the mom guilt.


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