People On Twitter Are Texting Their Number Neighbor And The Results Are Hilarious And Weird


Who needs real neighbors when you can have a “number neighbor?” Number neighbors don’t expect you to keep up with your yard or ask you for a cup of sugar. They don’t have kids that come knocking on the door at dinner time. 


If you want to “hang out” with your number neighbor you don’t even have to leave the house or put pants on. Number neighbors won’t judge (right?) because number neighbors don’t know anything about you… except your phone number.

Twitter is currently BLOWING UP with this new number neighbor trend thanks to Twitter user Ryan  @ryanlavalleee who apparently had nothing better to do one day than start texting a random phone number.

Well, not just any random number, his “number neighbor,” which according to Ryan, is the person with the same phone number as you, except off by one digit.

Sounds stupid, right? Well, Twitter didn’t seem to think so and now everyone and their mother (literally) are off texting their number neighbor in hopes of sparking up a conversation with the person who shares 9 of the 10 digits in their phone number. What could go wrong?

People are shooting out “howdy neighbor” texts to their number neighbors and the results vary from confused, totally on point, and… well… just see for yourselves:

Take note from this one. Sending virtual food as an opener is a sure win. No one can turn down casserole, right?

In a world where people don’t even have their own damn phone numbers memorized anymore, you may find out you already know your number neighbor, and they are saved in your phone. (doh!)

Let me stop you right there.

It’s all fun and games until…

World peace? Not a problem for these number neighbors.

No promises you’ll have the brightest neighbor on the block.

But, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a new bestie.

This trend still seems to be going strong, so tonight, if you’re bored try sending a text to yours. Who knows, maybe you have a new BFF waiting for you by way of your phone number … just one digit off.


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