Some days I’m A Rockstar Mom. Other days I Operate In Complete Survival Mode.


Some days I am a rockstar mom

I have lunches packed, clothes laid out, and baths done by 7 pm.

I have arranged the child pick-up/drop-off schedule, weekly meal plan, and caught up on all housework.


I’ve grocery shopped successfully WITH my toddler and not one fit was thrown #winning

I’m totally present with my little man: bouncing from Dinosaur squeals, to hide and seek, to belting out the Paw Patrol theme song at the top of my lungs with complete ease ? #nojobtoobignopuptoosmall

We wind down with bedtime stories instead of watching Cocomelon on YouTube and teeth brushing goes on without one tear being shed.

On those days I feel good. I feel confident.

I think for a split second that I have motherhood figured out.

Other days I operate in complete and utter survival mode.

On those days I plainly and simply survive by the seat of my pants. On those days I am tired. I am disengaged. I am overwhelmed. 

I am tired of correcting the same bad behavior for the 49th time in a row. So, I let my toddler pull out every utensil from the drawer and put it in the dog bowl simply because I am defeated.

I am tired of picking up the same 50 pieces to the Melissa and Doug puzzle scattered across my floor so I settle for a house that looks like something out of an episode of hoarders.

I let my kid watch Toy Story 3 back to back so I can sit on the couch and drink a cup of coffee before it turns cold. 

I order pizza instead of cooking.

I load him into the car for nap time so I can get a hour of driving around in silence.

Not everyday is like this but some days are and it doesn’t mean I’m failing as a mother.

We tend to let the one time we lost our temper or the one time we let our kids eat cake for dinner or whatever it may be define us a lazy, bad, or uncaring mothers.

That’s just not true.

Everyday is not a fairytale. But I also know that the great days outweigh the really hard days.

The thing is that my child doesn’t keep a record of how great or how mediocre I am so why should I?

As moms we’ve got to stop our all or nothing philosophy and allow ourselves some grace to be human. 

So whether your having a rockstar day or rock bottom day I want you to know you are important, awesome, and vital to your little one. To them, you are truly a ROCKSTAR. 

You got this mama, keep rocking!

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