Acts of Kindness For Kids


What is the best way to teach Acts of Kindness to kids? Is it by talking to them? Showing them? Leading by example? Yes, yes, and yes. 

The great thing about random acts of kindness (LINK TO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS POST) is that it’s a fun and very awesome concept and learning experience for kids. 

Helping kids to understand that doing nice things for others is a good idea and a simple way to spread cheer can be started at any age. 

Plus, there are so many kind acts that kids of all ages can easily do on their own! Why wait to start spreading cheer when you can easily get started right this very moment? 

Acts of Kindness For Kids

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to teaching kids about kindness is to put it in terms that they’re going to understand. Remind them of things that other kids or adults have done to them that were nice so that you have real-world examples to share. 

When you take the time to stop and explore the world around you, there are so many kindness acts to witness. From someone holding open a door at the store to helping them carry out their bags of groceries, kindness doesn’t have to cost any money at all. 

This is why kids, even little ones, can join in on doing nice things for others! 

Acts of kindness examples

If you sit and brainstorm with your children, you can start a list of kind things that they can do for others. But just in case you need a boost, here are a few to help you get started.

  • Draw and color a picture and send it to someone in the mail
  • Help plant flowers
  • Pick flowers and give them to a neighbor
  • Help mom or dad bake cookies to give to someone
  • Smile! 
  • Tell someone that they’re important
  • Offer a hug to someone in the house that looks sad
  • Help pick up the house
  • Take care of the pets at home
  • Zoom or Skype with a family member to tell them how much they’re missed

As you can see, kids doing nice things opens the door (Ha – see what I did there!) for there to be a ton of great options. 

Most times, spreading kindness and helping others have a great day isn’t hard to do at all. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to help someone feel better. 

Also, when you show your kids that they can make an impact on someone in a positive way, no matter their age or size, it helps to build their confidence as well in an unbreakable way.

As a parent, this is one way that you can teach them a very important life lesson and skill while doing nice things for others, too. 

And who knows – once your child starts doing nice things for others, it just might turn into a family fun affair and an amazing way for your family to bond



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