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I am a stay at home mom to three little boys and two elderly chihuahuas residing in Charlotte, NC. I have a Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a background in Insurance.

This is How I Remain A (Mostly) Anxiety Free Parent

“You’re so relaxed about everything,” A mom friend once said while we were at the park. You should have seen me three hours ago...

I Hated Gender Reveals. Then I had One.

Hate is a strong word so let’s go with strongly dislike gender reveals. I’m not talking intimate family gatherings, or a few colored cupcakes. I’m...

6 Mom Cliches That I’ll Admit Are Shamelessly True

Mom Cliches. More specifically, stay at home mom clichés. So prevalent, yet so unnecessary. So offensive, yet so nonchalant, so exaggerated, yet in my case,...

I Can Understand That My Toddler’s Man Bun Confuses You

If such a thing as a three-year-old “bro” existed, I’ve got one. My oldest is a guy’s guy through and through. He clearly and...

To the Stranger Who Made Me Feel Like A Terrible Mother – Thank You

Unsolicited altercations with strangers in regard to parenting, nearly unheard of. I had the pleasure of having this experience. What I would actually like to tell that stranger, is thank you.