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Gail Hoffer-Loibl enjoys sharing her thoughts on motherhood, raising boys and finding time to shower in peace. She is featured in two anthologies and regularly contributes to a number of parenting websites. She blogs at Maybe I'll Shower Today.

To The Stay At Home Mom Wondering If Her Degree Matters

I am in the bathroom, knee deep in my child’s excrement, failing miserably at coaxing him into the tub to scrub him down. Meanwhile,...

The Five Sanctimonious People You’ll Meet As A Parent

When you become a parent, you enter a world that is nothing but loving, supportive and judgement free. Just kidding. While, I certainly hope you...

Pretend weapons won’t turn your son into a violent sociopath

“This my weapon!” My toddler shouts, gleefully waving around an empty paper towel roll. He swings his sword around yelling, “hi-ya,” and delighting in his...

To The Parents Of Girls: It’s Not Your Job To Teach My Boys How...

To Parents of Girls: It’s not your job to tell your daughters not to dress “too sexy.” It’s not your job to warn your daughters about...

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