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Jennifer Weedon Palazzo is the founder of MomCaveTV.com, an online network of award-winning comedy videos for moms. Mother of two, professional actress, shoe model, vintage clothing addict. Jennifer has been nominated for Best Live Host for her series "Slacker Mom" and best Live Show and Live Host for "MomCave LIVE." Along with her biz partner, Jen has grown MomCave to a community of over 50,000 like-minded mamas. Visit facebook.com/momcavetv, twitter.com/momcavetv, youtube.com/momcave, instagram.com/momcavetv and momcavetv.com

I Never Thought I’d Be Co-Sleeping With A Four Year Old

My son sleeps in “the Big Bed” every single nap time and most night times, too. He’s not a newborn and I’m no longer...

How to Feel Sexy When You’re Actually A Hot Mess

This post is sponsored by Right To Desire. The author was compensated through payment and product. However, all opinions are the sole opinions of...

Hell No I Don’t Pay My Kids Allowance

My husband and I have a disagreement. (Well, actually, we have many. Isn’t that what marriage is all about?) He suggested that it was...

Mother’s Day Sucks When Your Mom Is Gone

Mother’s Day sucks. There, I said it! I fully admit it. It shouldn’t. I’m the proud and lucky mom of two great kids, a...

12 Things I Miss About My Life Before Kids

While I'll never regret becoming a parent, I do mourn the loss of just a few things from my life before kids. While my kids...

Parenting Shortcuts You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

Maybe you have time to scour Pinterest for healthy recipes and beautiful home decor. I do not. And let's be honest, even if I...