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Laura Wheatman Hill lives in Portland, Oregon with her two children. She blogs about parenting, writes about everything, and teaches English and drama when not living in an apocalyptic dystopia. Her work has appeared on Parents, JSTOR Daily, Parent Map, She Knows, and others. You can find her at https://www.laurawheatmanhill.com/ and on Twitter and Instagram @lwheatma

With No Warning, My Husband Filed For Divorce And Now I Am Broken

I am trapped under the stairs in a blanket fort of my own making. There are twinkle lights hung above my head and shafts of...

Here’s What “Self Care” Looks Like In The Dumpster Fire That Is My Life...

Now that I’m free of my husband, people know a safe, fun question to ask me instead of, “How are you dealing with the...

Letting the Kids Finally Hug Their Grandparents Was What We All Needed.

My in-laws live three miles away and they hadn’t hugged their grandkids for two and a half months before we all cracked.  Part of it...

Summer Is Long, And I’m Afraid This Year I’ll Go Insane.

They cancelled summer camp. “They,” this time, is the camp where I enrolled my kids, announced this morning that they are cancelling camp this summer.  When...

It’s Okay to Complain Right Now

I posted something on my social media the other day about how I was upset that my kids’ schools closed for the foreseeable future....

My Daughter Has An Imaginary Ghost Friend. And It’s Kind Of Creepy.

Janie showed up with the fever. Alice, newly four, woke up one spring morning with a high fever. No other symptoms. And Alice started talking about the girl out in the yard. “There’s a girl outside. She wants me to play with her.”