Book Review: I Just Want To Be Alone


I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE! Let’s be honest. If you’re a woman, you’re most likely guilty of saying, thinking, or feeling this simple, itty bitty phrase at least a few hundred thousand times. We’re bombarded by requests.

Always on the go. Our to-do lists are constantly frickin’ full.

Moments of quiet solitude are what we crave!

But just when you think the pets are quiet, the housework is done, and the kids are sleeping, that you’ll curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy a cup of knockoff British tea…alone…BAM!

HE comes out of nowhere! It’s the most invasive intruder of all. Your husband. Ladies…We.Are.NEVER.Alone!


I swear our better halves have built-in sonar systems. They know when we’re going for the land of Me, Me, and Not You. You see him out of the corner of your eye and sigh.

What comes next is a flurry of groping, dry humping, and heavy breathing…He’s thinking sexy time. You’re thinking, “Please. For the love of gawd. Make it go away.”

It’s not that we don’t love our guys. We do. It’s just that time is scarce and we really, really, really, really (there are not enough of those) do need to be alone some of the damn time.

That’s why I love the new book I Just Want to Be Alone, the second volume in the best-selling I Just Want to Pee Alone series!

Like its big sister,  I Just Want to Be Alone is a collection of humorous essays from some of the most awesome and hilarious bloggers on the planet. Some of my personal favorites appear in the book including Meredith of The Mom of the Year, Meredith of From Meredith to Mommy, Stephanie of When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, and the powerhouse behind the series Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

And the stories…nonstop laughs and sweet release!


You’ll learn (again) that there’s no such thing as the perfect man.

He’s brass, often lacks class, and sometimes just a plain jackass. But that’s okay! You’re not alone! I Just Want to Be Alone will comfort you in your time of need and help you understand that beneath the rough exterior of the thing called husband, there’s a Channing Tatum waiting to emerge (okay, maybe that’s pushing it).

At the very least, you’ll feel a sisterly bond with these incredible ladies.

I love a book that makes me wildly shake my head in agreement and fist pump the air! Yep! That was me as I read I Just Want to Be Alone.

You too will look like a nutjob (in tears) as you read through this comical collection of stories that reminds us all how much we want and need our “me” time.

Husbands are great…it’s true. But, my gawd, can they place us on the brink of insanity.

Reading this made me realize that my life and relationship are as normal as the next girl’s (that normal unfortunately includes suffocation by spooning and how evolution has left man (not woman) behind). Get the book. You want to… It’s a sweet escape to that “me” place your sanity is dying to visit!

Available on Amazon right this very moment!



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