Fendi’s Accidental Vagina Shawl Is No Longer Available, But We Still Need To Talk About It


Fall is officially here, and as the weather gets colder, what better way to be both warm and fashionable than by wearing Fendi’s newest designer vagina shawl?

Yes, you read that right. In the latest episode of “Vagina Fashion Monologues” (remember those infamous Zulilly leggings??), Fendi recently introduced their new “Touch Of Fur” shawl for an astounding $1K. Although the fur-trimmed shawl comes in an array of colors, there’s a particular shade that stands out- for all the wrong reasons.


Here it is, in all it’s labia-like glory:

Yup. It’s a vajay-jay, people! For just under $1000, you can own a Fendi shawl that truly brings life to your appearance- and when I say “life”, I mean “you are witnessing me bringing life into the world by birthing my own head through my vagina-ringed neck.”

Sure, it comes in more pedestrian colors like red or blue. But why would you dare buy any other color when you can wear a replica of one’s own lady bits? And the bonus: it’s lined with genuine trimmed fox hair. It’s not only sanitary, but fox-y. It’s an expensive neck vagina, because fashion.

Now Fendi quickly realized their apparent lapse in judgement as social media caught wind of their new design, and they hastily pulled the pink shawl from their website.

But that’s one of the truest joys of the internet, my friends- it never forgets. And it’s always HILARiOUS.

The folks of Twitter never fail to disappoint in their assessment of the inane:

Omfg indeed, Filthy Remainer Sharon. It’s rather, ermmmm… labia-like.

The shock is understandable, but it’s the tweets in response that strike comedy gold.

Fashion is all about accessorizing, so this hat would fit perfectly with… you know.

Clearly you’re putting your head at risk when you’re putting it inside a new one. Inside a new shawl, I mean. Obviously. (Look how your shawl has corrupted our minds, Fendi!)

But it won’t stop him from trying, again. And again. And again…

Now if you are amused and/or horrified by the original image as presented, then you’ll be tickled… pink… by it when it’s turned upside-down, which is even better. Or worse. I don’t even know anymore.

EXACTLY. No, Fendi. Just no.

Unfortunately for the labia-loving fashion consumer, Fendi is no longer selling this shade of shawl anymore. But despite the hefty price tag on this season’s “Touch Of Fur” shawl, the hilarious astonishment on social media has made it priceless.

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