Mario Lopez Stars As KFC’s (Sexy?) Colonel Sanders In Lifetime’s Most Bizarre Movie Ever


Lifetime channel is known for it’s sugary-sweet “boy meets girl” movies, delighting viewers with predictably happy endings. 


But it goes without saying that Lifetime also has a knack for producing movies that are just plain bizarre. Remember “Newlywed and Dead”? (doubt it.)

How about “From Straight A’s To XXX”?? (that escalated quickly, no??) We certainly can’t forget the gem, “Baby For Sale”, either. 

Well, Lifetime has outdone itself again in terms of solidly weird movie premises with their latest. And the “WTF?” factor is just finger lickin’ good.

Lifetime’s newest release stars Mario Lopez as a sexy, younger Colonel Sanders (YES, the Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken dynasty), and we’re just as confused as you are about it.

The production is entitled A Recipe For Seduction, and it goes without saying that it sounds like a recipe for disaster. 

Colonel Sanders’ chicken ROCKS. And his biscuits are damn good, too. But while I may have fantasized about UberEat-ing a bucket of his special blend chicken, I’ve never fantasized about the Colonel himself. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

The movie’s plot centers around a young, dashing Harland Sanders (played by Lopez) and his quest to win the girl of his dreams- a wealthy young heiress who’s torn between marrying the suitor that her mother chose for her and hottie Harland.

And in classic Lifetime fashion, the jilted would-be suitor attempts to seek revenge on Harland for tempting his would-be bride with his secret recipe of 11 herbs & spices, if you know what I mean.

Mario as the Colonel is ripped, mustachioed, & rocks Sanders’ signature bowtie. But are we supposed to feel hungry for Colonel Sanders, or his chicken? Why is this happening???

Lifetime partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken to create this “Lifetime original mini-movie”… and it’s original, alright.

And just what does “mini-movie” mean, anyway? Apparently the film is 15 minutes long- about as long as it takes to fry yourself up a nice batch of chicken. Based on what we know of the plot, using 15 minutes to fry some chicken seems like a better time investment than watching the Chicken King win his… chick.

Lifetime sure is excited about their collaboration with KFC, promoting this bizarre world premier via Twitter:

And Twitter, being Twitter, has thoughts on this. 

Hot & spicy, too…

We don’t know either, Mary. It’s 2020- clearly, ANYTHING goes as far as “entertainment”.

Same, Jessie. SAME.

Listen up, Lifetime- future “mini-movie” idea here. Time to put @chsfde on your payroll.


Popeye’s is bringing the big guns, KFC. And watch out for that redhead ho Wendy- she’s savage (on Twitter, anyway.)

Even the Steak-umm brand weighed in; they’re ready for their own Lifetime collab:

We STILL don’t know, @briyonnasweet. We still don’t.even.KNOW.

…but regaradless:

Yup, and yup- probably!

I’m pretty sure @rameypolly just summed up those 15 minutes perfectly.

Despite the controversy, it’s clear that Twitter is IN:

We’re still not sure if “A Recipe For Seduction” is a brilliant advertising collaboration or a dumpster-fire of a movie attempt, but either way, we’ll be checking out the Colonel’s hot & spicy love life.

So order yourself a big ole’ bucket of the Colonel’s chicken & check out “A Recipe For Seduction” on December 13, 12pm on Lifetime. Hopefully both will be -you know what’s coming- finger lickin’ good.

Mario Lopez Stars As KFC’s (Sexy?) Colonel Sanders In Lifetime’s Most Bizarre Movie Ever 


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