Pregnancy Test Calculators Can Help You Decide When To Test


If you’re trying to conceive, one question you probably think (okay, obsess) about a lot is, “When should I take a pregnancy test?” The costs of pregnancy tests can really add up, so don’t waste them by testing at the wrong time. These pregnancy test calculators will tell you exactly when to test!


Maybe you want to take a pregnancy test super early because you can’t stand the dreaded two-week wait.

Maybe your period is already late and you just want to know for sure.

Either way, these pregnancy test calculators will tell you when to take your pregnancy test based on your specific situation.

A simple but comprehensive pregnancy test calculator works great for most women.

BabyMed’s pregnancy test calculator is simple to use, but super comprehensive. All you need is the date of your last period and the average length of your cycle.

Their calculator will then tell you the earliest date you can expect a positive (urine) home pregnancy test. It will also tell you the earliest date for a positive blood test. (Blood tests can usually detect a pregnancy a few days earlier.)

This pregnancy test calculator also includes the option to enter your ovulation date or, if you underwent IVF, the IVF implantation and transfer dates.

I like this particular calculator because it’s specifically geared toward when you should take a pregnancy test. It also gives a reasonable estimate for when that pregnancy test might come up positive.

pregnancy test calculators

Pregnancy Test Calculators for Early Results

If you’re obsessing about how soon you can take a pregnancy test because you just HAVE TO KNOW, the pregnancy test calculator from First Response is probably best for you. Now, of course, they have an agenda (to sell you their early response pregnancy tests), but the calculator still works.

This particular pregnancy test calculator will give you the soonest you could obtain a positive pregnancy test. That’s not necessarily the date you will get a positive test. Hormone levels vary by woman and by pregnancy.

Clear Blue Easy offers a pregnancy test calculator similar to First Response. It will tell you the soonest you can expect a positive test result. Their website does a better job than First Response’s of making it clear this would be with a very sensitive, early results pregnancy test.

Or you could use a calculator that provides information about your pregnancy too.

Finally, The American Pregnancy Association also offers a simple, easy-to-use calculator. It comes up pretty high in the search results when you Google “pregnancy test calculator.” But I’d say this calculator is actually more of an all-around pregnancy calculator rather than a pregnancy test calculator, specifically.

Once you enter your information, it will give you a general time frame in which you can expect a positive pregnancy test. It also includes a lot of other information about your (potential) pregnancy as well.

This particular calculator also offers the option of putting in the date you ovulated or the date you conceived, rather than just your period date and cycle length. This can be helpful because it can help you nail down a more accurate date. This is especially true if your cycle length varies or you ovulate earlier or later than the average woman.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is going to vary by woman and pregnancy.

But these pregnancy test calculators can help you choose the best window to test.

That will help save your money AND sanity!


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