Woman Designs Her Own Quarantine Life Barbies And They Are Hilariously Relatable


Barbie’s always been accustomed to living the high life. She’s truly a boss with her massive wardrobe, her fancy pink convertible, her fabulous Dream House, and her handsome -if genitally challenged- boyfriend Ken.


If you grew up playing with Barbies, then you know that her life is the sort that most girls dream about. But it turns out that despite her luxurious surroundings, even Barbie is having a tough time weathering quarantine life.

A woman has designed a line of “Barbie Gets Real” Barbies to truly represent the various stages of quarantine life and finally, Barbie’s lifestyle is relatable AF.

Tonya Ruiz is the mastermind behind the “What Time Is It?” edition of Barbies, and her uniquely hilarious collection has quickly gained a massive following on her Instagram page Grandma Gets Real.

Although she originally began by creating tiny realistic accessories for Barbies, the arrival of Covid-19 led her in an entirely different -and HILARIOUS- direction.

Ruiz claims that the inspiration for creating realistic Barbies stems from the spoof Barbies that have been featured on the Ellen show:

When the quarantine started and I saw a couple of funny pandemic barbies – I thought that I should make a barbie that everyone could relate to.

Her first creation was the Barbie Quarantine Starter Pack, featuring Barbie with the all of her social distancing “essentials”:

Photo Credit: grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

Personally, I think Barbie’s doing pretty well if she managed to score toilet paper AND Wet Wipes. But her snack supply is spot-on, and the “whiskey in a teacup” is pretty damn funny. 

As for the chocolate around her mouth… no shame in your chocolate-binge game. We’ve all been there, girl.

There’s the DIY “Self-Care” Barbie, and you just KNOW Barbie’s missing her pre-quarantine haircuts & waxings. Poor Barbie is now relegated to doing her own grooming, and things are getting, well, HAIRY. 

While we’re down with most of your gear, Barbie, PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN. Walk away. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but no one -and I mean no one– is desperate enough to cut their own bangs.

Quarantine has left all of us with time to kill, and some have turned to hobbies. Knitting? Sure! Finally learning to play the guitar- why not? How about a puzzle?

While I can’t say that I’ve spent quarantine cultivating hobbies, I can totally relate to the Cheez-its.

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

Speaking of baking… many stores have frequently sold out of baking supplies because so many people are getting into it. Barbie’s no different- she’s been baking up a storm since quarantine started. 

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my own mother has been baking banana bread nearly every.single.day since quarantine began. Why isn’t there a banana shortage??

Once upon a time, many of us had ambitions for quarantine time. And then, many of us stopped being ambitious. The end.

Apparently Barbie’s new hobbies had a shelf-life, too. There’s binge-watching Barbie, and we’re all feeling this.

Don’t bother asking us if we’re still watching, Netflix, because the answer these days is always yes.

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

Clearly Barbie saves the good snacks for her post-kid-bedtime hang. One question: where’s the wine??

If anyone could use some wine, it’s THIS Barbie, and I feel her in my soul. Introducing Homeschooling Barbie… hair dye not included. And our home-girl could sure use some right now, because being stuck home with the rugrats 24/7 definitely breeds some serious grey hair growth.

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

(To be honest, I’m impressed that Barbie’s kids are even dressed. Though her kids’ diet of Wonder Bread and Froot Loops? HELL yassss.)

All work and no play (plus homeschooling) makes Barbie a grumpy girl. So it’s no surprise that she & Ken are on the outs in the Quarreling Couple Edition:

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

The best part about this collection?

Includes: Best-Selling Book- How To Split Household Chores

Although quarantine life is clearly taking a toll on America’s sweetheart, Ken isn’t escaping unscathed. Working from home is obviously challenging, even if you’re video conferencing from the Dream House:

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

Business on top, party down below! 

The details provide a key warning for remote workers to avoid inadvertently creating their own #PoorJennifer gaffe:

Toiler & One Roll of TP- “Do Not Use While On Zoom”

We can only hope that Ken remembers he’s still live on-camera before popping a squat on the throne!

Quarantining is challenging to say the least, and this line of real-life Barbies hilariously illustrate that weeks of social distancing have taken their toll on ALL of us- even Barbie.

We all have those days where we’ve got our act together, & are faring well. But we all have also had many of those total dumpster-fire-fail days, & that’s par for the course, too. 

Even Barbie’s going back to her roots while social distancing, and by “roots”, we’re talking hair.

Photo Credit: Grandmagetsreal (Instagram)

There are no Quarantine Queen trophies; all we can do with this weird time is the best we can do. Tonya Ruiz’s fabulous “Real Life” Barbie collection is a vivid reminder that quarantine life is getting to the best of us!


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