18 Funny Tweets About The Hell Of Getting Kids Ready For School In The Mornings


Mornings as a parent are generally exhausting- kids are often up at the crack of dawn, chock-full of energy & raring to go. On weekends, that is.

For some reason, this principle doesn’t apply to school mornings, which is what makes the morning routine before school a special kind of hell, especially if the chaos occurs prior to adequate parental caffeine consumption (Though it’s no picnic even after drinking your coffee– IF you’re lucky enough to get to drink it, because KIDS).


Getting a crew of kids up out of bed & out the door (not to mention the crucial steps in between) can truly be a dumpster-fire of a morning sometimes, & the parents of Twitter can totally relate. Laugh along as they share their own parental morning angst!

  1. Kids wake up earlier on weekends. It’s science. And it blows.

2. But school mornings, on the other hand, are typically a trainwreck.

3. Most of us weren’t nearly prepared for this part of parenting…

4. Getting kids ready feels nearly impossible. Getting them ready without someone crying- even MORE impossible.

5. Most of us absolutely dread it (and toenail removal is probably less painful).

6. We try to start the morning peacefully… *deep breaths*

7. But at least kids get out of bed after your wake-up call. I mean, your FIFTH one, but still…

8. (Unless they pull this one. Nice try, dude. We grew up with Ferris Bueller.)

9. And if you assume they’re getting ready on their own- hah! They’re not.

10. But when they eventually do, they…are…so…sloooooow.

11. No, seriously. Kids set records for speed- as in, the slowest speed humanly possible.

12. Then there are the distractions; kids focus on anything BUT getting ready.

13. You try to get them to eat breakfast- and they don’t. Until the very.last.minute.

14. And teeth brushing either doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen well.

15. And let’s not forget the last minute “Oops, forgot my homework!” blitz. That’s fun.

16. Kids learning new skills is good, but so is being on time. You can’t have both, though.

17. The bottom line: THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME!!

18. There are some mornings that go quite well, though. Too bad they’re Saturdays.

And let’s not even get started on the horror of missing the bus- or the stress of the morning drop-off...


  1. By the time my granddaughters do decide to get up, meaning the 100th time I’ve told them to get out of bed ! I’m ready for a margarita! If it were just a couple a days a week I could handle it but jeez it’s everyday! They are 11 & 12 , I keep telling them you’re to old to be told that many times to get out of bed. I see now I’m not the only one here that has this problem! I thought I was the only one


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