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I am Laura. I am a mother to two beautiful children, Luca and Sofia. This is my thoughts, little bit sweary, sometimes sarcastic but all from my heart. Enjoy x I am also a proud panda community champion. I have survived anxiety and depression and it’s deepest depths, there aren’t perfect days every day but they are no longer dark.

One Day I’ll Feel Like Me Again

One day I’ll feel like me again. One day I’ll be able to wear clothes that aren’t covered in breakfast, milk, vomit or snots. One day...

No One Is Cleaning Their House Every Day. No One Is Having Sex Every...

People always say to me “I don’t know how you do it with 3. I can’t do it with 1” And I’ll always say, the...

How To Prepare For Children

How to prepare for children: Buy bananas, buy five fucking bunches. Eat them all. Whatever. Just make them disappear in a day. Then buy more bananas...

My Friend Asked “What’s Life Like As A Mum?” So I Told Her This

I had a friend who I went to uni with who texted me recently and said, "what's life like as a mum" - she's...

Want To Help Someone With Depression? Pretend They Have The Flu

If you want to help someone with depression when they are in one of their lows or bad depressive episodes - you can. How? Pretend...

If You Hear A Mother Swear Under Her Breath

If you hear a mother sigh or swear under her breath when her child acts up. Don’t assume she constantly swears or sighs. She’s probably...

I Don’t Like Motherhood.

I don’t like motherhood, not really. But, I love my kids. Actually sometimes I hate it. The pressures, the expectations, the routines, the bedtimes, the parenting...