I’m Done Giving A Sh*t About What Other People Think Of Me


Lately, I found myself feeling super drained. That all my energy has been towards finding reasons for people to like me. For people to understand me.

I have always been a highly sensitive person.


That every single thing I overthink. Why did you look at me that way? Oh, you haven’t spoken to me in a day, did I do something?

I also pick up on everyone else’s energy or emotions. You know, like those supervillains that can take superheroes powers for their own, all they have to do is walk past them and they get their power — but in this case, I don’t actually want it.

I don’t want to feel everyone’s emotions. It’s just downright exhausting.

It is tortuous, constantly worrying about what other people are thinking about you.

Whether or not they think I am a good person or not. Constantly worrying about the words they say to me when I know personally they do not like me.

Questioning myself as to why they don’t like me, maybe it is me and not them.

Which to be honest leaves me in a place to be always stepped on. For people to always use me and throw me away like an empty can of beans.

Today I have come to a realization while sipping my giant Yeti mug full of coffee that I am done giving a shit and you should too.

This doesn’t mean that you and I will turn into heartless bitches.

This means that you and I will be free. Free from the burdens of other people’s thoughts and the constant feeling like you have to please everyone — because we don’t, we are fucking awesome.

We all judge people.

That is a human trait that we can’t get rid of. It is our way to understand how the world works and why people do things they do, and why we should or shouldn’t do things.

Judging people when there is no need to judge people and throwing it in their face is wrong and that becomes their problem, not ours.

The thing is, they are missing out on our awesomeness, they are missing out on everything amazing that we have to give and that is their loss.

One of the major things that I have a problem with is that I think everyone is as nice and considerate as I am — I am so wrong.

Most people don’t even give you the time of day or even an afterthought when you leave. As a very sensitive person, this is where I question, why people are so mean, how can they be so mean or let’s face it, why aren’t they completely obsessed with me like I am obsessed with overthinking my overthinking. — HA!

Stop judging yourself.

This is one of my major problems. I judge myself which causes me to lie when people ask questions about me. Just tell the truth. That you are not feeling guilty or self-conscious about yourself.

Telling the truth always is such a huge freeing moment. By being so worried and scared that people won’t like you for who you are is also tiring. Be you, and those that love YOU, are the ones you want in your corner.

The world is not fair, and that is not your fault.

As an empath I take everyone’s emotions and problems on my shoulders, so much so that it feels like I can’t breathe from all the weight just sitting there, pushing on me.

Things in life can go right and things in life can go wrong. You need to start just thinking about yourself and taking on your own problems and letting others take on their own.

I know it will be hard because you are anything like me, we constantly want to fix things. I am not saying don’t be there for them, I am saying they need fall or fly on their own.

We need to understand that no matter what we do that the world will keep on spinning and life will keep on going.

That relationship didn’t work out for whatever reason, let it go.

That family member doesn’t like you for their own selfish reasons — let it go.

I promise that you will come out from the other side all in one piece.

There are always going to be people that don’t like it, and we won’t understand why. They will try to keep pushing us down.

If we are constantly basing our life around getting people to like us, it’s just going to cause you to be unhappy and always wondering why you are not worth it.

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Be nice and considerate. If they don’t like you then that becomes their problem and not yours. Your energy, your light needs to be spent on people who care and love you no matter what.

Invest in your energy going towards those people and yourself. Not the ones that don’t care.

I found we are attracted to the people that don’t want us around because we want to fix things, we want to try and get them to like us. Spend your time with people that will love your energy that will thank you for being around.

Throw out, toxic people.

If you have someone in your life that is making you feel like a bag of garbage, throw them out. You don’t want them in your life.

People who bring your joy and laughter and match your energy are the ones you want to be around.

For. The. Love. it is okay to say NO. You don’t want to do something. Say no.

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. I have struggled with this myself. This goes hand and hand with wanting people to like you.

Yes, some people might be upset that you actually said no, but that is on them. Something makes you uncomfortable say no, nothing worse than being in a situation that you really don’t want to be in.

No one is perfect.

We are going to make mistakes, we are going to do stupid things, great things. We are imperfect perfections. It is our imperfections that make us human. When we make mistakes and own up to those mistakes, we are real and raw.

Letting go, trying not to be perfect for everyone, is when we can truly start living.


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