Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Family Fun


When it comes to pumpkin painting ideas, there are so many cool ways to decorate pumpkins! Carving pumpkins is still popular, but there are many people who have gotten way more creative over the past few years. Decorating pumpkins in any way is one of my favorite things to do with kids!


And just remember — if you don’t cut into those pumpkins, they’re going to last much longer as well! This means you can literally leave them sitting on your porch way past Christmas, just like I like to do. (I know my neighbors totally love me for that.) 

If you’re looking for fun ideas for how to create some epic pumpkins this fall or during Halloween time, this list of ideas will get you going! 

Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Family Fun

children using multiple pumpkin painting ideas to decorate their pumpkins
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The great part about painting pumpkins is that you’re not as committed to errors as if you’re carving them! Paint can be washed off to start all over again if mistakes are made! 

Here are some great ideas to paint pumpkins that everyone will love! 

Make a movie scene

If you have a big enough pumpkin, paint out your favorite movie scene! Then you can have everyone guess what it is. If you’re painting skills are up to par, they should know! 

Paint a Disney character or super hero

There’s no surprise that Disney characters and all the super heroes are popular, but do you have the skills to paint one? Pick your favorite and add it to your pumpkin. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Make a pattern

Who says your pumpkins have to be a face or person — what about a pattern? Stripes, polka dots, hearts, stars — you name it. If you have a pattern on your brain, make it on your pumpkins. 

Mix and match colors 

In our house, painting is a work of art where we let ourselves be creative. For this reason, we use our pumpkins as blank canvases and create whatever comes into our brains. 

Sometimes that means we have an all-black pumpkin and other times, we may have a pink pumpkin. Whatever we want, we do!

We also buy multiple pumpkins and change up our color scheme and our design. This keeps it super fun for the kids, and gives them more creative time as well. Because when it comes to pumpkin creativity, you can never have too much! 

The benefit of painting your pumpkin versus carving it

People love carving pumpkins but we’ve found that painting pumpkins is so much fun! The great part about painting pumpkins is that if you mess up, you can just wash off the paint and start all over again! 

We do this all the time and it works out great. This is especially true if you have little ones who want to paint the same pumpkins over and over again. Just let them paint the pumpkin, and you can wipe it clean to give them a new slate and new options! 

Use the paint you have in the house. Just remember that if it’s not waterproof, it’s going to wash off in the rain! 

Happy Fall!


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