How Do You Turn Mom Off And Sexy Wife On? Please. Tell Me Your Ways.


Trying to find a balance between being a mom and being a sexy wife is extremely difficult.
They are honestly 2 completely different things. How do you do it?

I am struggling with trying to turn my mom off at the end of the day and show my husband that I can also still be his adventurous sexy wife, not just a mom.

All day being touched, being climbed on, hugged, kicked, poked.

Being told the same stories over and over again like a movie that you watched so many times that now you know it word for word.


Being asked the weirdest questions like “Mom, if a bunch of people farted in the forest, would there be an earthquake in the city?” Or “Do fish poop?” By the end of the day when your sweet little blessings are sleeping you just don’t want to be touched, or honestly even spoken to.

The potty training, the school work and the trying to keep the kids active.

The constant “please don’t sit on your sisters head” and “The dog is not a horse” Where is the balance? How do you turn mom off and sexy wife on.

I have no idea how to turn my mom program off. Trying to feel sexy after giving birth to these giant babies, when you look in the mirror and all you see is everything that you hate about your body.

That extra weight that looks like a fanny pack or your boobs that are now so small because your babies sucked the life out of them.

You finally get that minute of peace, to binge watch murder documentaries and your husband beside you saying “I have something you can investigate.. in my pants” I guess I can give him credit for being creative.

I love that turd with all my heart but damn it, it is so hard to be in the mood.

Don’t get me wrong, I find him extremely attractive and it has nothing to do with him.

If I had any ounce of energy left at the end of the day I would pounce him like a cougar on her prey.

I have been trying to figure out where the switch is? That beautiful switch that turns mom into that sexy wife.

That person that you used to be before you had those blessings. The person that would dress in those skimpy outfits and pretend to be a sexy nurse.

Now all I can think about is, did I change the laundry over? Wait.. is the oven still on? Oh man did I remember to make that doctors appointment?

I find myself more and more, feeling like it’s more of a chore instead something to bring me closer to my husband.

I find myself being like in the movies where they say “can I pencil you in for Friday, Friday looks like a good day” I don’t want to be that couple. Battling kids to get to bed so that we can have sexy time is just tiring.

How do you find the switch? Tell me your ways. Because I am at a complete loss!

I want to be a good mom, as well as a good wife. I want to be able to find that closeness with my husband.

Those moments where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Those moments where I felt comfortable in my own skin. Those moments where I was my own person and not just a mom because I know I was a person before just being mom.

She is in there somewhere, I just need to find that switch.


  1. I am in the same boat. I didn’t have sex with him for more that 2 years after my twins were born. And took another 6 months to do it again.

  2. I feel you! After 3 kids I feel anything but sexy. Worse, my husband seems less likely to want me. Everything I know tells me we’re both SO tired, and struggling with the 7, 5 and 1 year old, leaves us with nothing for each other. But I miss it. I miss quiet times lying in bed together. Do we wait until their all out of the house to find each other again? These are the things they didn’t warn us about!


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